Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Inside Scoop

I was just going to disband the blog I made for when we were trying to doing the old FSBO with our home. However, before I get rid of it, I thought all you girl's who haven't yet made the trek across the country to visit us would be interested in taking a look. Perhaps I am presumptuous, but I always love looking at other people's homes. The blog itself looks a little dumb because I took all the personally incriminating info off (like address and stuff), as it will now be linked to our personal blog, but you'll get the idea!


*** I seem to have failed to mention that we don't actually close on this house until Dec 1st. So we still have quite some time, which at first seemed like too much time, but at this point we (okay me, because I am living in a nice clean house, with my children, and get Daniel's undivided attention and conversation each night on the phone. Daniel's opinion may differ!) are kind of glad because we still need to secure ourselves some housing in good ol' Neb, which is strangely challenging for us at this point ***

Monday, September 22, 2008


Yep, our house has finally S-O-L-D! I think I’m really excited . . . I think . . . I don’t really know what to think. The market pretty much stinks so it wasn’t a really exciting sell, (really, I think depressing is a more suitable word) so I keep reminding myself that the whole “under contract” thing IS the exciting part – just forget about the $10K that we’re paying a realtor, right? So now, onward and upward, we get to go look for our next money pit! Oh, the fun times. Have I mentioned that I’m never moving again?

Okay, I may reconsider when a perfect job in Washington or Oregon comes available. Perhaps, though, we can beat our current record of 2.25 years in any one home. Here’s for hope!

Quotes of the . . . past while

Emily was being really noisy while Taylor was sleeping. I told her over and over to be quiet. The third time I told her that if she needed to make noise then she needed to go downstairs to do it. Her response, (hear teen-age attitude here) “Totally, GOSH, MOM.”

Emily to Taylor as they were playing house/doctor and she was putting her to “bed:” “Sweet dreams. Don’t let the bug bites eat you!”

Rylee asking about the first prophet (they were trying to come up with the words to the Primary song “Follow the Prophet” and words sometimes get a bit jumbled for her): “Is it Adam or Even, Mom?”