Monday, November 19, 2007

Lactose Free Contagable Gratitude

Not too much going on around here. We are anxiously awaiting our Thanksgiving visitors from ID. It sounds like the weather is changing so I am hoping for clear roads and smooth travels for them, in spite of the forecasts.

Our bedrooms are now taped. Texture will be done tomorrow. However, the Wards will also be here tomorrow, so it will, unfortunately, be less than ideal sleeping accommodations. The only reason that this is so distressing is because if I would have just left it alone in the first place there would be more options than there are now, but because I decided to really put the push on finishing the rooms we're left in a quandry. Oh, well, I'll appreciate it come Christmas and all will be in order, at least I hope so. . . .

Quotes of the week

Morgan’s: “If Emily was my mom I’d be grateful, then I could eat candy all day.”

Emily: While making her hands into a bowl shape with a beseeching look. “Cereal, please. I made a bowl” and after a thoughtful pause she clarified with, “but no milk.”

Rylee: In response to Taylor’s allergic rash from amoxicillin: “Is that contagable?” ( I think she just coined a new phrase for our household!)

Monday, November 12, 2007

Under Construction

This week we’ve been under the gun. Not the gun that Daniel is wishing for, however. We have two unfinished bedrooms in the basement that we need to get finished (ASAP), as our little family of six just won’t fit into two bedrooms anymore (the girls have actually been sleeping in one of the unfinished ones, but enough is enough). In calling around to get quotes for having the tape/texture done I was able to get the guy who did the rest of the house. I, of course, was thrilled about this because I want the house to look consistent throughout for resale. The only drawback was that he was going to be in town in less than a week from when I talked to him and we still needed to finish framing in a closet, running the electrical outlets, and hang sheet rock.

Well, needless to say, Daniel has been working all day at work and then coming home and slaving in the rooms. We (He really – I’ve only played the role of Vanna White; doing menial tasks, smiling encouragingly, and prancing around in scanty formal wear - oh, well not actually the last, but perhaps that would have made Daniel a little bit more positive about the whole project!) have got it all done except for some sheetrock in the closets. I even have the carpet ordered and ready to be installed next Tuesday so it will be in place for our Thanksgiving visitors. So what are the chances, but Saturday we find out that the tape/texture guy got called up for JURY DUTY this week so will not come until after he is done with it. ARRRRGHGHGHGHGH!!!! I suggested that he spout some strongly inflammatory views during the Jury selection so that he gets dismissed. I believe this was already his intention – so at least we are on the same page there.

Oh, well, I guess the rooms will still get finished sooner or later. I was just hoping we would have a nice place for the Wards to stay when they come. (Note to Wards: Now that I have put it on the internet that you are coming there is no backing out, since if it’s on the Web it’s fact.) Hopefully it won’t matter because most of our time should be spent doing something fun (shopping, eating, and playing games?) and the guys will probably be out hunting, so who needs lots of rooms anyway?

Friday, November 2, 2007


We had a fun Halloween this year. We didn't make it to all the fun events, but were able to take the girls trick-or-treating. They got a pretty impressive haul and had lots of fun with their "buddies." Rylee was a vampire/witch/snake from Harry Potter. She created this all on her own and enjoyed, for the first time ever, being particularly gory. The pictures are probably too small to see the "blood" running out the corners of her mouth. Morgan pulled off a great Mummy. She really played it up. Emily was a princess, but it got too cold so we put her coat underneath her costume. She then became a "Portly Princess." Daniel thought we should paint her face green and she could be Fiona from Shrek. I thought he was pretty clever! Daniel and I dressed up as tired, grouchy parents. I think we were pretty convincing.

One-of-a-Kind Designs

What is THIS?

Truth be told, I am not sure either. Morgan's job was to clean my bathroom. When I came in after she was done to check it (about 2 hours later!!! She finds ways to entertain herself in any room), the bathroom was moderately clean and she had engineered this little contraption. When I asked her about it she had a lengthy explanation that included hoping to find a little pad of paper and wanting to figure out how to attach it nearby so it would be "handy." I refrained from bringing to her attention the "handy" roll of little papers near the toilet. She keeps us laughing.

Off With Your Hair

I went through the big change and am loving it. I have to post the before and after pictures for the interested parties that have requested it. Most of you have seen me with short hair, so it is not too shocking. However, I've gotten some funny comments here in SD, as it has been growing long since we have been here. Going outside in the wind is the only drawback to the cut. I don't have any neck insulation now. Thank goodness for my fun scarves that I got in NY!