Monday, October 5, 2009


I’m a firm believer that each child gets sent into our home for a reason. Lately I’ve began to wonder if Emily was sent here to keep me humble. For example:

When I repeated a question that she has apparently already answered, she told me that I’d already asked her that and that “You have a memory in your head!” (Actually, I am gestating – so I’m not sure that I do.)

When I tripped over a toy that Taylor left on the floor behind me she said, “You should watch out with your eyes!”

When singing our Welcome song for Preschool I altered a line in the song “Here we are Together” to say “at our fun preschool.” So we’re singing along and she stops right after that line and states “only it really isn’t very fun.” Then when my Mom asked her if she had fun doing preschool the other day she said, “Pretty much not.”

She should learn some tips from Rylee about how to mask a slam. Rylee asked last week if she could borrow some of my earring for opposite day. I asked how they would be “opposite.” She smiled sheepishly and said, “Actually, I want to wear them for Dorky Day.” See how thoughtful she was – she was only insulting after I probed for it.

Other times, however, I’m pretty sure Emily’s here just to bring laughter. Here are my favorites from last week:

“I pushed Taylor down, but it wasn’t inappropriate because it was an accident.” (Don’t you love the appropriate use of inappropriate in a 4 year old?)

At dinner yesterday she was talking about marrying one of Morgan’s friends, Josh, when she is grown up. I asked what she likes about Josh and her response was, “His hair and him’s body.” Wow . . . ahhh, how do you respond to that one? I busted up laughing – Daniel did well and addressed the hair part. I’m thinking we’ll leave it at that for now. After a few more probing questions we found out that she’s going to marry him even if Morgan does first and that her and Morgan will make the dinners, but Josh will wash the dishes. They will also have hundreds of children, two boys and the rest girls. She’s got it all planned and all I can say is “Good luck Josh!”