Thursday, December 13, 2007

As Far As It Is Translated Correctly

The funny of the week – one of my favorite yet: I was doing Sharing Time at church, and Morgan volunteered to read the scripture for me. It was the one in Genesis about Isaac and Abraham going into the wilderness to make the sacrifice. Morgan’s teacher was letting her read off of her little palm-pilot thing, which has the scriptures on it. In the middle of her reading she stopped, so I, not really paying attention to where she was at, was frantically trying to find the spot, assuming that she needed help with a word. Then I hear her teacher lean over and whisper to her “ass.” Morgan looks around for a second with big eyes and then says “ass,” and then continued on with her reading. Later when we got home she was telling me about the cool thing that Sister Walker had (the palm-pilot) and how she wanted one for Christmas. Then after a beat she said, “but I don’t know why Sister Walker’s had the 'A-word' on it.” I couldn’t contain my laughter.

‘Tis the Season

What a crazy, busy time of the year. I’m hoping to finish wrapping up (hardy-har) the loose ends so that we might have at least a week to enjoy the peace and purpose of the season.

The quick updates:

We had a fun visit with the Wards. The guys went hunting every day and Amy and I . . . well, actually, I am not really sure what we did most days, but whatever filled our time, I enjoyed it immensely. We did the “Black Friday” after Thanksgiving Day sales. I don’t think I have ever enjoyed them quite as much, and I am quite certain I have never shopped that long. We left at 5:00 am and got home just before 9:00 pm, if I remember correctly. The time between noon and when we got home was the two of us (and Taylor) wandering around in a glazed-over daze. It was strangely nice. I can only compare it to a runner’s high, back in my Cross Country days. Maybe that is how people become shopaholics.
The only drawback to the visit is that after they left, SD seemed more lonely and remote than before. As soon as I am sure we’re staying put here for a while I’m going to start offering incentives to friends and family to encourage some relocation in this direction. Considering the size of our ward I think it might be possible to get some backing from the church. However, in light of our ward budget, I am pretty sure this support wouldn’t be of the financial nature!

On the home front, Daniel and I did an exhausting push to get the rooms painted and the trim stained, varnished, and hung so that our carpet could be put in this week. It was a success and the rooms are usable now, but so far we’ve been too tired and had too many outside obligations to move anything into them. It’s kind of a sad irony actually; as they are sitting there virtually empty after all this rush to have them ready. Maybe by Christmas, or New Years, or . . . .