Thursday, March 20, 2008

Child Speak

Morgan was asked to give a talk in church on Sunday. Our ward is so small that one girl or the other has an assignment at least every other week. The topic for this Sunday is "Jesus lives today and He will come again." When I told her the subject she said, "Well, that's a bit frightening." I queried as to what made it frightening. She responded with, "I don't really KNOW that Jesus lives or that He will come again." We had a little discussion on how she could find out for herself whether this was true, so she could feel confident that she does know it. Afterward, she wanted to write her talk for herself. I thought it was so cute, just the way that she wrote it, that I thought I would share it:

"I belve that Jesus lives and that he will come again and that we will get reserrecedid like he did. He died for us because of are iniquities. I know he will come again. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ amen."

My favorite part is the word "iniquities." She asked me how it was spelled, saying, "I could have said sins - but iniquities is more descriptive." Man, I love that girl!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Birthday Jamming

I don't know if this will work, and I could never get it rotated so it faced the correct direction, but hopefully you guys can see Taylor enjoying the cacophony - our family's version of a Birthday "song."

Birthday Bonanza

February was Birthday month for the babies (as the youngest two are commonly called around our house). I'm way outdated, but I finally got around to downloading my pics and thought the Grams and Gramps would like to see the big days. Taylor thoroughly enjoyed being the center of attention on her Birthday. We got her on video when we were singing to her and she was jamming and hamming for the camera, but every time I attempt to upload it I lose my entire post and have to start again - so I will try to do it as a different post because it is so fun to watch.

Emily is a big girl, "free" year old. You know the age - "I big, I do it mysewf." For the girls' birthdays, they have picked the design for the cake they have wanted and I have attempted to make it. All Emily wanted was a "Strawberry Cake," which I could never determine if that meant strawberry flavor or in the shape of a strawberry. This is what I came up with and she seemed very excited by it. However, how much of it did she eat? None - not even a bite. When she was served some she told us she doesn't like cake.

This is what she got instead . . . .

Taylor, however, loved the cake. Although, I think she was mortified when she realized the paparazzi was around. Doesn't her frosted face just scream "No camera's, please!"