Thursday, September 27, 2007

Improper Influences

I just cleaned the bugs out of my teeth, so I could communicate without embarrassment. This fast internet is such a rush. I am currently talking on the phone, (sorry to multitask during our conversation Amy) and blogging at the same time. Isn’t that cool? I know it is probably not a novelty to the rest of you, but wow, it’s a whole new world!

So, the here’s the latest. Rylee and Morgan did an “Extreme Mommy Makeover” (their words, not mine) on me this last weekend. Rylee did my hair, changed my earrings to some big dangly ones (she told me I look like my cousin Emma with the earrings in – so sorry Emma, I am sure she didn’t mean it!), and they both fought over doing the makeup. Morgan did the eyebrows with eye shadow, then proceeded to stand back and say, “Wow, that really make your eyebrows stand out. Just like a boy peacock who wants to get married.” Now that’s not a compliment a person earns every day! It was some makeover, I tell you.

After looking at the “painted woman” in the mirror, I concluded that I must be a poor influence on the girls when we have too much time on our own without Daniel around. Last time it was just us girls we visited Wall Drug on our way back from our big summer trip. I had the girls pose with some of the funny statues they have there, one of which was a very immodestly dressed barmaid type lady. I told the girls to look shocked and try to cover her up to make her more modest. As you can see from the results they apparently ended up fondling her while gazing intently at all her exposed skin. I got “the look” from Daniel, as you can guess, when he saw the pictures.

He, on the other hand, works all the long hours, both day and night, for so little appreciation from home. This was made obvious through a conversation we had this week. The Papa Murphy’s here does a Tuesday special, which I, being in a rush and exhausted, decided to get this week. When I came out with just a pizza the girls started complaining about us not getting breadsticks or cookie dough. I proceeded to lecture them about being grateful for what they are getting and how we don’t have money to waste on all the extras, and so on. Then I hear Rylee turn to Morgan and say, “Yea, Morgan, Dad’s not doing so well right now.” Poor man, at least he has Emily as his own personal cheerleader to make him feel loved and appreciated when he comes home and who loves to “Kiss da window” (blow kisses out the window as he drives away) when he leaves. Everyone needs an uninhibited admirer. We all really do love our “man of the house!”

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sleepless Nights On Order . . .

Just thought I would make an official announcement. We are adding another little addition to the household. It should keep us occupied and up all night. It is a little more expensive than I am comfortable with, but we decided to move up in the world. Yep, were getting DSL, so no more dial-up. Now I will now have no excuses for not updating this blog. By the end of this week we’ll be up and running. I’ll see if it takes less than three hours to upload my “Total Mommy Make-over” pictures (Just for anticipation – Morgan made a direct comparison between me and a boy peacock, direct quote coming this week!). If there is no marked improvement I will see if People PC will take me back.

That is actually a funny story in itself. My sister had People PC dial-up internet and decided to go to DSL so she called to cancel and they kept offering her the service at a lower and lower price (down to $1.99 for 6 months or something outlandishly low), and then she had to lose her temper to get them to just cancel her. So, of course, my thought is, why am I paying so much, dealing with only one dial-up number, and feeling lucky to get speeds above 50 Kbps and still paying full price for it? So I called and explained the problems, knowing that when they offer the service to me at a lower price I would “decide” to take it for a couple of months at least. Only, go figure, they said, “you’re right, there is only one access number for your address,” and proceeded to then and there cancel my account and reimburse me my payment.
I had to do some pretty fast back tracking just to ensure that I had internet for the rest of the month while I looked for something else; thus the current upgrade. Ah, well, it’s typical enough for my life I should have expected it. So, here’s to modernization and zippy fast speed (or as our new internet calls it “VROOM internet, feel the wind in your hair and the bugs in your teeth.” Yummy!).