Wednesday, February 4, 2009

And It Came to Pass

“Previous Post Recovery” (aka PPR) requires that I follow up with Emily’s advanced spiritual development. The other day I could hear Emily in the other room “reading” from the scriptures. It was so cute I had to transcribe as she “read.” She said “Again and again the Namenites are coming to tore dem hair and fire dem and fire dem.” It was apparently a very violent time for the Namenites.

I then told her how big she was to be able to read the scriptures by herself and she said, “I know ‘It came to Pass’ so now I can read the scriptures.” She then proceeded to open her scriptures and say, “The Namenites came to pass and they cut their arms off. I don’t know what page that one story is.” She continued to thumb through the book looking for the said story. I love it!

Also she had the best line the other day when I said something was stupid. She said “Mom, you shouldn’t say stupid – it’s a dumb word.” So is dumb okay then?

No “Wiggly Thing” Envy Here

Being in an all girl household, excluding, of course, the very modest father, my little girls haven’t been exposed to the male/female differences. (Where is Golly when you need him?) When back in Washington last month for my brother’s wedding Em and Taylor had a bath with their 1 year old male cousin.

When he got in the bath Emily stopped in her tracks, got a funny expression on and said “What’s dat?” I proceeded to explain that that is how boys go potty, etc. She scrunched up her nose and responded with “Dat’s weird!” I know, it really is.

So last week we decided to start potty training Taylor. The most effective method I’ve found is to have a bare bum the first few days so they can figure out the sensation with instant result – as in, this feeling means I’ve got to get to the potty or my socks are going to be very wet. Gross, but effective (segue: I swear by the product “Kids and Pets” for getting any and all odors out of carpet!).

So Taylor’s bare and Emily asks “Why her has a bum in da front?” I explained that’s the way Heavenly Father made girls. So she asks if that’s what Rylee, Morgan, her and I have. Then the conversation went as follows:
Emily: “But not Dad. Does him have a wiggly thing?” (Note: I did give her proper terminology at initial exposure.)
Kari: “Um, yep,”
Emily: “Why?”
Kari: “He’s a boy and that’s the way Heavenly Father made boys.”
Emily: “But WE don’t have a wiggly thing?”
Kari: “Nope”
Emily: Double hand pump in the air leaping for joy, “Wahoo!!!”

So, sorry Freud, another one of your sick-o theories proved wrong. Little girls certainly don’t suffer from “wiggly thing” envy around here!