Friday, August 29, 2008


School started again on Wednesday, which is normally a sad day for me. However, this year I have had more than my fair share of uninterrupted time with lots of children.

This doesn’t take a lot of words – two kids at home during the day, both young and easily entertained: CAKE. Life is good!

Birds and Bees

I have been accused, on occasion, of giving too much information to my children about the human anatomy or answering questions with more info than is basically necessary. However, as proof that this is not the case I had a little discussion with Rylee, as she is going back to school and didn’t get the whole “Coming of Age” presentation at school last year. I figured we should talk about basic growing up things and then of course I merged into the boy/girl subject upon which I merely asked a few mildly probing questions, wondering how much she understood. Subtle mother that I am, I did this while working in the kitchen, so as to appear nonchalant and not have all my attention directed toward her. The initial question was greeted with an affronted “MOooOoOM.” The next question was ignored, and by the time I got around to saying the “S” word I turned around and she was no longer in the room. I found her lying on the couch, pillow over her head, crying. Mother of the Year again goes to . . . yep, me.

Well, a couple of weeks later Emily was asking about our bodies the conversation went, roughly, as follows:

Emily: “Mom, who made our bodies?”
Kari: “Well, Jesus gave us our bodies, (Here is me learning from my mistakes – aka. giving too much information) but mom and dad helped make your body.”
Emily: “Mom, who made our bums.”
Kari: “Well, Jesus made us so we have bums (Here is me dropping the afore mentioned subject).”
Emily: “But who made our bums.”
Kari: “Well, mom and Dad made your bum when you were in my tummy.”
Emily: “You made my bum?”
Kari: “Yep, when you were in my tummy.”
Emily: “That disgusting.”

End of conversation.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mad Libs

I just had to document the latest funnies from Emily. This is more for my own benefit than for public consumption, otherwise I will forget, but read if you’d like.

First, way back when she was having the really hard Sunday and I was trying to bore her into submission, she was screaming and crying and screaming and crying and . . . well you get the point. Meanwhile, I was rocking Taylor and trying to act all nonchalant and calm, and Taylor was kind of humming to herself while we rocked. In the midst of this tantrum, Emily stops cold and yells, “Taylor, stop making dat noise, I cannot cry when you are doing dat.” Cute – she can turn it on and off like a charm.

She was looking in the mirror the other day and said, “I don’t look like Emily.” I said, “Who do you look like?” Straight off the cuff she says “I look like Sassy Girl.” There is so much more truth there than she can even know.

Last, she is our ultra-careful, worry about the safety of everyone, kid. She freaks out if I don’t buckle my seatbelt immediately in the car and when I do I can hear her say quietly to herself, “safe and sound.” Well, she is always getting after Taylor for trying to climb in or out of things because it is “drainerous” (dangerous). So, the other day I got Taylor up from her nap and put her down in the living room and Emily freaked out. The Bigs were downstairs playing Polly pockets and Emily told me no to put Taylor down because, “her will go downstairs and put the pieces in her mouth and choke and then her choke will make her die.” Pretty thorough analysis for a three year old, don’t you think?

Okay, just one more cause it is so cute. I often sing Cookie Monster’s song, “C is for Cookie.” Emily asked me if “L starts with cookie, mom?”