Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Making Peace

Last week at this time I was sitting in my driveway reading Family Fun watching my two littles ride their bikes with 51 degrees of sunshine beating down upon me. After living in SD for two years 51 degrees in January is very WOW! (Pretty sure that’s May weather there, right Teresa?) I thought then that perhaps Neb and I might get along. We may be able to be friends and someday, perhaps, we might feel like close relations, maybe close enough to call HOME. But, the next day it snowed as it has been since and although not completely disenfranchised, the warm feelings have warn off.

On the other hand, miracles do happen. Yes, even here in ol’ Neb. I was able to get in touch with my old boyfriend. “Oh yeaaaahh”, Glenn is back in my life. I found him, and he’s coming in loud and clear. They only play 2 of his three hours here, but we take what we can get

On that note, last night we had some people from our branch over for dinner and FHE and the lady asked Daniel if anyone ever told him he looked like Glenn Beck. I about fell out of my seat! How convenient is that, my Husband looks like my Boyfriend! Totally cosmic! They had just seen him (Glenn) on tour for “The Christmas Sweater” and had him autograph a book for them and for another guy in our branch who is supposedly in love with him as well. Do you think it’s inappropriate to tell that man’s wife that her husband and I are in love with the same man?

Just so the truth is in writing for the world to see - Daniel rocks the world, sorry Glenn, I may profess my love in fun, but there's really no competition!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Just Sqeaky - Not so Clean

After finding mouse poop in Taylor’s PJ drawer, a dead mouse in the basement (Thank You inventor of the wonderfully gross and inhumanely effective sticky trap!) and waking up to one chewing and clawing on the other side of our bedroom wall at night, I have officially determined that perhaps the term “squeaky clean” is an oxymoron.