Monday, June 11, 2007

Sensible in SD

Add another “morganism” to the lot. Yesterday we went on a walk around the neighborhood. A guy that was working in his yard stopped us and asked if we knew anything about baby bunnies because he accidentally stepped on one while doing yard work and didn’t know what to do with it. Long story short the girls wanted to take it home, I said we should wait and see if it finds its nest. On the walk home I was explaining to the girls that our house is more dangerous for the bunny than where it was because we have three animals who would love to eat that little bunny. I explained that, besides this, baby bunnies usually die if they aren’t with their mom. Morgan later came up to me and said, “I know mom, we can try to keep the baby bunny, but if it dies we can just feed it to the cat.” Now there’s a pragmatic thinker.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Just “Rosie”

I have recently had a couple of what we call “Morganisms,” the funny things that Morgan’s little mind comes up with which pop out her mouth. She frequently makes us laugh because she has such clear observations and clever plays on the English language. In the past we’ve gotten things like when I express surprise at something, or say that I didn’t know something her very matter of fact response was “Well, now you learned something.”

Today’s was funnier in person I am sure, but it was cute to listen to. Emily got Roseolla, (which I apparently have no idea how to spell and am too lazy to look up right now) so she is running a high fever and has an upset stomach. She had already thrown up and I had taken the bowl away to wash, and was currently nursing the baby when she started calling out that she had to puke again. I hollered to Morgan to show her how to puke in the toilet, since I couldn’t get another puke bowl for a minute. These were her instructions. In a very teacherly tone she said, “Emily, you pick up both of these seats like this, then you lean over, put your head in and puke.” Can’t beat that for clarity!

Her other is one of those “proud mother” moments (read in the sarcasm here) as we were testing the girl’s recognition of the general authorities of the church. Daniel covered up the name and just showed the picture of Thomas S. Monson and asked the girls who he was. They both hemmed and hawed for a moment and then Morgan hollered out, “I know, it’s Marvin B. Kimball.” Good try Morgan – two prophets and an apostle in one shot. Too bad none of them matched the picture.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Subsisting in South Dakota

I’ve recently been informed on many fronts that the piano on this blog is getting a little bit boring and we need to update. I guess life has been a little bit busy lately. We are trying to get our yard in, which is an endless project. We just put in planter boxes for our garden and a hedge along the back of the yard. I was able to get a bunch of perennial starts from the seeds that Amy, Kristie and I gathered from my ID garden. We’ll see how everything survives while we’re away on our summer adventure.

The kids started their summer vacation with a bang since their “Grandma Cow” (this is not referring to any of her personal physical attributes or odors, rather, it is a reference to the cows that they had on their farm from when Rylee was a toddler and met, at minimum, about 5 grandparents in a matter of weeks. She gave each a nickname since some of the greats and grands had the same last names, therefore we ended up with G&G Cow, G&G No David – later shortened to David, G&G Cheese – no idea how that came about, and G&G Zeba. None of the names are terribly flattering, but they stuck!) So with Grandma Cow we were able to see more of SD than we have since we moved here. We went to the Zoo and saw some water falls and went to the Laura Ingalls Wilder Homestead. (Gwen, you can pass along to Emily W. that it is worth the drive when her kids are a bit older.) The kids had a great time there. They got to make ropes, corncob dolls, and drive a team of horses to the school where they participated in a small class. Then they went on lots of pony rides. We hit it before the busy season, so we pretty much had the place to ourselves. It was very fun. One more reason for somebody to come visit us. Anyone. Anyone! Anyone? Well, keep it in mind.

I’ve attached the picture of our home in SD. I told you all we moved into a brand new house. Did I forget to mention that it was made out of sod? It’s right in my price range though. It costed (in the 1800’s) about $2.50 to build. Now that is a mortgage I can handle!