Thursday, June 25, 2009

IT'S A . . .

Just thought I would share our exciting news! We had our ultrasound today and the baby looks good (or as good as a spooky skeleton-type creature can look on a ridiculously archaic, non 3-D, really poor quality ultrasound machine).

I know in the past we have left everyone in suspense about the gender of our babies, even when we found out. Well, this time I am just too old and tired to keep secrets and thought I would share the details of what we found out today.

Soooooo. . . . . .

What we found out is that it's a


It kept its little legs crossed and tucked the entire time - at which point I was desperate enough to try rotating myself from side to side (picture a beached whale desperately writhing towards water) and tried to poke and prod it into submission, in attempt to get the little bugger to move its legs. No luck. For all its stubbornness I am figuring it must be a girl - who takes after her aunt Alissa ;).

So enjoy the irony (I know you think we deserve it for secrets of the past) we're all in the same boat this time!

[And, for the record, that is not really a picture of my ultrasound, the equipment portrayed is far too modern in comparison to that which we had - what a disappointment all the way around!]