Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Outrage Day

I’ve been in a funk lately. I’m sure that is, in part, due to listening to too much Glenn Beck. He’s entertaining, but after a while it seems like the world is going to pot, and as much as he tells people to “wake up,” I feel moderately powerless to do anything about it. Powerlessness is not an encouraging feeling you know.

On our talk radio station here they have “Outrage Day” every Wednesday, where people can call in and tell about the things that disturb to them. Listening to that, I decided it might be somewhat therapeutic to have my own outrage vent session. (The blog is such a nice medium for that, since no one can interrupt you, and whoever is bored by you can just go somewhere else and it’s not even rude.) So here goes, my outrages today (I am limiting it to three):

Presidential Nominees – Need I say more? I don’t have anyone I can vote for without feeling like I’m making a deal with the Devil. Even more, I am really annoyed that the only person that I feel could help our economy, Mitt Romney, pulled out. I am even more upset that the media has the power to make religion into an eligibility requirement for running for office. Furthermore, I am outraged that the American people are ignorant enough to buy it. (Note to self: deep breaths, calm down, move on . . .)

Winter – I know it’s a season, that “this too will pass” and all that, but when it is too cold to go outside for all but 2-3 days in a 2-3 month time span, it is inhumane. Last night they were having a “winter wind-chill warning” where they let us lucky SD’s know that you shouldn’t go outside with exposed skin because it was so cold that you could get frostbite within “5 – 15 minutes.” Nice. I’ve informed Daniel that I realize that adage is to “endure to the end.” We’ll the end is here!

Yarn on Quilts – I know it seems inconsequential, but really, when you go to all the work to make a quilt why throw Raggedy Ann hair on it to tie it together? It rarely looks good when it is brand new, and it gets fuzzier and grosser looking the more it’s used. Yarn and works of art do not mix – and a quilt, be it ever so simple, is a definite art form.

Now that I have purged, I think I can take on another day. I’ll be looking for something light and funny (I’ll hang out with Mo for a while) for the next post, okay? Grandmas and Pas these pics are for you to enjoy!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Desperate Times

(Warning the following blog may contain adult content. The views expressed herein may not be an accurate representation of the views of all members of this or any other related blog)

You know how, in the arrogance of youth, you make fun of, or at least feel immune to, the ailments experienced by those of, shall we say, a more advanced age? Well, a couple of months ago I discovered that I had contracted the dreaded PBFB – otherwise known as Post-Baby Flat Butt. We’ve all seen it, what used to be a nicely rounded, perky bum that sat up parallel to the hips suddenly becomes a long extension of the back which melts into the upper thigh, ledgeless and undefined. I used to say in high school that I could pretty much pick out ladies that have four or more children based upon the shape (or lack thereof) of their hind end. If you don’t know what I am talking about, consider ignorance bliss and disregard this entire lament.

Well, among all the other things that surely would never happen to me (including marrying young, having children before graduating from college, working at Wal-Mart) I passed by the mirror at just the right angle and holy-cow there it was – or wasn’t as the case may be. I am trying to remedy the situation by adding exercise into Rylee and my morning schedule. It’s been going well for about a month and I thought I would share the results. I didn’t include a headshot, because, ummm, I was having a bad hair day. Anyhow, if anyone knows of an anti-PBFB solution I’m all ears. Well, gotta go run my application into Wal-Mart now!