Thursday, May 3, 2007

Dreams Really Do Come True

As most of you who know me well may recall, I have wanted a piano for our little, or more currently not-so-little, family for years. Unfortunately, the desire has been held strongly in check by my over-riding compulsive cheapness. Well, sometimes it pays off to put off! Ladies and Gentlemen, Kari has purchased a piano! The best part is that I got one that I didn't even have to endure the expected suffering from post-purchase regret for many sleepless nights afterwards. (Well, lets be realistic here, I always have post purchase regrets, thus my many $2.00 or less returns and my "black-list record" at Walmart, but that's a whole other blog). I found a "vintage" - yes, that does mean old in any other context - piano that plays with character, if not perfect consistency, and all of this for only $75.00. Seriously, though, it was tuned today and it sounds pretty decent, if I do say so myself. Plus, as a free bonus, it was in great condition, with nary a scratch on it (until we had the elders quorum move it, so now there are a couple significant ones) and the wood matches that of my house. Miracles never cease!

How Sweet It Is . . .

Taylor is getting to the sweet stage where she will smile in response to others - especially her mother! :) So I thought I would share some of her sweet smiles. She gave her first laugh-out-loud belly laugh today. I think I'm getting old and sentimental or am just extremely hormonal, with a strong additive of sleep deprivation, but it was so sweet it made me tear-up. Fortunately for me I am getting to be very familiar with looking foolish in front of others, since the piano tuner guy was here watching the whole exchange. Oh well, if your going to be sappy in front of someone, it might as well be the "piano man" right?